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The Industry Leader in Mixing Tanks

Mixtanks.net is a web site dedicated to Protectoplas Company's high quality mixing equipment. We specialize in creating a solution to your blending needs. Our manufactuing facility is located just outside of Cleveland in Streetsboro, Ohio. We will ship our equipment to any location around the world.


In the spring of 2008 Protectoplas moved into our new 60,000 sq.ft. fabrication shop. The new facility helps us to cut down lead times and raise the quality level even higher on all of our industrial equipment. We will now have even more tanks in stock for your convenience, along with quicker turn around on custom made parts

new shop

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Protectoplas Company was founded in 1972 after the ever changing plastic industry started to use roto-molded tanks to replace the use of fiberglass. Protectoplas was originally known as "Protective Plastic Company" founded in 1962. The main material used in fabrication at that time was fiberglass. When the roto-molded tanks' resins became more chemically resistant, the company changed along with the industry to include HDLPE, XLPE, PVC, Polypro, and Co poly into the construction materials.

Now in 2008, Protectoplas is one of the leading innovators of HDLPE fabrication and molding. Over the last several years we have strived to make our products stronger, and easier to use. We have incorporated CNC cutting technology which allow extremely high old shop 1tolerances to be achieved. We use the latest software to design, and tool path all of our parts. In 2007 we introduced the Raised Face WFN which is a HDLPE 150# bolt spaced flange constructed of high grade HDLPE. It features a custom designed FULL raised face which requires much less foot pounds of torque to seal. Also in 2007 we put our new mixing tank campaign into effect. This web site, "mixtanks.net", is the final stage of what 35 years of experience has to offer the mixing industry.cnc

Leading the industry in custom tank, and plastic fabrication requires the latest in computer technology. Protectoplas accepts drawing files in all of the standard formats, and in most cases we are able to. If you need something constructed from plastic, give us a call and we will help you build it. We have real people that answer the phone who want to talk with you, and work with you on your project. Our design team has full CAD capabilities to create ideas into drawings. With our integrated network we can take those files directly to the fabrication shop to process your order. From 100 gal tanks with standard fill,drain,vent to 20' tall fume scrubbers; we can handle any project you may have.old shop 2

Need a side access like the one featured hereto the right? Would you like to have a 30" top access on you tank? We have them readily available. Our fabricated, industrial strength, reinforced side and top manways are the answer to saving valuable time. This, along with a vast line of other advanced products, makes Protectoplas one of the leading names in tank manufacturing and fabrication. We are constantly striving to bring all of the products you need to operate your business just one phone call away.scrubber






Questions? Call now toll free 1-800-525-2661 to speak with a tank design specialist. In most cases we can save you time and money once we know more about your specific design requirements.